Nice to meet you

My style of shooting is unobtrusive, calm and fun. I’m there to tell your story through the eyes of a friend and blend in, efficiently whip through family formals and probably end up on the dance floor with you all at the end. Ultimately I want you to see yourselves in your photographs – which is why I won’t pose you or get you to make weird heart shapes with your hands. I get super excited about capturing all of those beautiful candid moments, but I also want to make you look and feel shit-hot at the end of the day. And if you think you’re awkward in front of the camera don’t worry, seriously. I’m secretly a just an introvert that just loves people watching. In a non-creepy way.

When I’m not out shooting I’m lucky enough to spend my days right near the seafront in a little place with my partner and our half-witted adopted cat. Big fan of strong coffee, houseplants and Talking Heads.