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        I love working with couples who are happy to give me a bit of artistic flexibility; who aren’t afraid to do their wedding their own way. It might rain, your new shoes might get ruined on the dance floor, your hair might get windswept when we run off for portraits… and I'll be documenting all of it!

        Through your photos you’ll be able to relive your happiest memories. The connections, the friendships, how amazing you looked and how much you laughed, cried and sank Champagne like it was water. We might not know the true importance of a photograph until maybe years later - so screw unrealistic expectations you see in wedding magazines or on social media. My aim is to capture you and your day authentically with feeling (I'm still going to make you look shit hot too - finding that good light and bringing out your personalities in portraits is my jam).

        Authenticity, always.

        I'm very grateful to be able to work with couples who love my work and really value their photography. I don't care if I'm shooting in a tiny registry office, a luxury destination hotel or your gran's back garden - if we connect and share the same philosophy then I'd absolutely love to hear from you.

        WHAT THE FAQ?
        Can we meet you for a chat?
        Do you travel for weddings?
        How do we receive our photos?
        What are your prices?
        Do you stay for all the drunk dancing?
        Of course! Bring your fine selves to Brighton and we'll have an ice cream on the beach. Or just get a coffee. OR bring your cuppa (or your pint) to your nearest laptop or phone and we'll have a video-call! My nosey cat will likely make an appearance.