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        Weddings are more than a generic shot list (though of course I get all those important bits too). They're a circus of emotions, hilarious, touching, sweet and silly moments, and I capture them for you in a way that will help you to remember that exact feeling years on. I'm not interested in arranging wedding shoes on windowsills or rings balancing on flowers. If I'm faffing about with that, I could be missing a genuine moment that's much more interesting. The reassuring squeeze of a hand, or your nephew idly exploring his nasal cavities. The bottom line being, your photos should look like YOUR photos, not a clone of everyone else's.

        I love working with creative couples who are who are doing their wedding their own way. I'm not here to bash traditions; traditions can be beautiful and play a huge role in telling our stories. But if you don't feel like the conventional wedding is your thing, chances are we're going to be a good fit for each other!

        Authenticity, always.

        I'm very grateful to be able to work with couples who love my work and really value their photography. I don't care if I'm shooting in a tiny registry office, a luxury destination hotel or your gran's back garden - if we connect and share the same philosophy then I'd absolutely love to chat with you.

        I'm proud to cover all types of love, all gender expressions, ethnicities, nationalities, religions and walks of life. Every couple you see in my portfolio are real weddings - no styled shoots or models. I believe in the importance of representation, equality and transparency in my work.

        WHAT THE FAQ?
        Can we meet you for a chat?
        Do you travel for weddings?
        How do we receive our photos?
        Do you stay for all the drunk dancing?
        Do you do family/group shots?
        Do we need a second photographer?
        What's the damage? How do we book?
        Of course! Bring your fine selves to Brighton and we'll have an ice cream on the beach. Or just get a coffee. OR bring your cuppa (or your pint) to your nearest laptop or phone and we'll have a video-call! My nosey cat will likely make an appearance.