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If you've ever...

...felt weird having your photo taken, or if you've ever wondered why you're supposed to pose with a pen over a blank register, if the thought of endless group shots makes you sigh, if you've ever wondered why the same 3 people always get to do the speeches, if you're mixing it up, abandoning wedding clichés and doing things your way, if you want photos of real moments and if you're unashamedly, ridiculously in love I reckon we're gonna get along pretty swell.

Kind Words
“Fern wasn’t just a photographer on a our wedding day, she was part of our wedding party! She mucked in, was a cheer leader and all of our guests thought she was a friend of ours! And that’s before we even touch on her photography skills! She was always running around scouting out cool little pockets of light and backdrops to make sure she got some epic snaps. Long story short Fern is the person you want not only to record your wedding but to be at your wedding!”
Anna + Ben
“We had 2 ceremonies, nearly 200 guests and 3 different spaces in what was basically a massive jungle. In all the nerves, stress and chaos of our really tight schedule, she was a pillar of calm, friendliness and skill. She moved with feline precision and tact, and managed to capture all the best and most memorable moments that we hoped for in a really natural and creative way. We absolutely treasure her photos. What’s more, she made us look FABULOUS.”
Elizabeth + Jez
“The photos are absolutely AMAZING!!!! When we first saw them, Jamie had tears in his eyes. You’ve done a magnificent job of capturing people’s emotions and all these little moments we want to remember. A great big thank you again for being generally awesome, and helping us record the day in such a beautiful way. You rock.”
Tatiana + Jamie
“You captured some beautiful intimate, special moments and we hardly knew you were there. That meant the world. We could just enjoy the day, no fuss! You blended in became one of the guests and got some amazing natural shots. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends.”
Joanna + Graham
 “Words cannot describe how much of an excellent job you have done. They tell the story of the whole day, you have captured some beautiful moments and it will allow us to remember our wedding day for the rest of our lives.”
Kimberley + Adi



Sealed with the Rock My Wedding kiss of approval

5 - 5