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        How to make the best of an engagement shoot on a drizzly Bank Holiday:

        1. Grab a drink in your favourite pub
        2. Head for home
        3. Stick on your favourite tunes
        4. Make tea
        5. Get comfy on the sofa
        6. Include the dog.

        I took the train up to London to see Sarah and John, have a nosey round their wedding venue in Greenwich, chat about their plans and take some shots of them with their super excitable dog Alfie.

        Shooting at a couple’s home was a new venture for me, and to be honest it was so much more rewarding than I’d anticipated. Not only is it perfect if you have a big excitable doggo who would otherwise run after the nearest pigeon, it’s also ideal for those a bit camera shy, or not huge fans of PDA in busy locations. When the words “engagement shoot” are brought up, many people will instinctively conjure images of posing in front of popular landmarks, or a day out somewhere particular scenic or touristy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – but what if you made it a bit more personal to you, by moving the shoot somewhere that means something? The home is full of memories, unique details and you control the environment. You can hear each other in conversation, get to know your photographer’s style, stick the kettle on and kick off your shoes. Hell you can even feed your dog Twiglets from your mouth, I’m not judging.


        The National – Apartment Story


        London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54 London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54London-home-engagement-Fern-Edwards-Photography-54




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