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        Nice To Meet You

        I’ve been taking pictures for so long I don’t think I know how to do anything else (I shot my first wedding over a decade ago… it was my own Mum’s and kinda snowballed from there… thanks Mum?!) But I will try and list some other interests with the hopes of sounding like a person who has a life outside of work (I try).

        Big fan of:

        Live music 
        Fleetwood Mac 
        RuPaul’s Drag Race
        An Old Fashioned
        Weird + wonderful old cult movies 
        Failing miserably at playing my Telecaster
        Spending all my money on 35mm cameras + film

        But weddings are the ultimate gig. They’re a big chaotic Venn diagram of photography, human connection, history, love, friendship, booze and questionable dance moves.

        Getting to meet new people, sharing a bond, making memories and getting to give those memories as something tangible is pretty special. It’s humbling, heartwarming, often exhausting and always rewarding.