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        brighton wedding photographer fern edwards

        When I’m not at weddings you can find me in Brighton. Home of the pebble beach, independent shops galore in The Lanes, more coffee shops than people, and occasionally seagulls eating each other. Technically I live in Hove, which means I get to say "Hove, actually" without a hint of irony.

        Nice To Meet You

        I’ve been taking pictures for so long I don’t think I know how to do anything else (I shot my first wedding 8 years ago… it was my own Mum’s and kinda snowballed from there… thanks Mum?!) But I will try and list some other interests with the hopes of sounding like a person with actual hobbies. 

        Big fan of:
        Fleetwood Mac 
        RuPaul’s Drag Race
        Damn fine coffee (coincidentally, Twin Peaks)
        Cult movies (Harold & Maude is my favourite)
        Failing miserably at playing my Telecaster
        Strength Training (bro do u even lift?)

        But weddings are the ultimate gig. Weddings are like a big beautiful Venn diagram of photography, storytelling, human connection and celebration. Getting to meet new people, sharing a bond, making memories and getting to give those memories as something tangible is the shit. It’s humbling, heartwarming, exhausting and emotional and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else right now (I’ve tried gig photography, I’m too short).